Monday, June 1

Research Intern, Clark University

Grant Recipient: Class of 2011
Major: Math major
Organization: Clark University
Location: Worcester, MA

A luke warm cup of coffee rests on the table. The forehead burried deep within the palm of the hand. It's 1 AM, and the mind races with ideas of how to solve, rigorously, a problem that others would dismiss due to its seeming simplicity. Observations are made, ideas are guessed at, but noone stops until it is all down on paper. This is excitement; the neverending race to prove what is unknownn, the constant attempts to outcompete the competition. They can do it in linear time? We can do it in constant time.

Mathematics research in motion planning is a lively event. The concepts involved do not require burrying one's head in books, rather, a touch of ingenuity. Nothing is more exhillerating than, after hours of sitting in a room with blank faces, leaping out of your chair, racing to the whiteboard, clamoring out your idea to your group members, and hoping for a smile on one of their faces. This summer has been an exciting opportunity to dive headfirst into the field of mathematics research, work alongside brilliant professors, and have a firshand experience of my own future. Thanks to the Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant, my summer has been an invigorating wind, pushing me to do what I have always felt was my calling. I am beyond grateful for this great opportunity, and am positive that many others share my enthusiasm for their own experiences.