Monday, June 1

Intern, Bristol Press

Grant Recipient: Class of 2010
Major: College of Letters and French double major
Organization: Bristol Press
Location: Bristol, CT

The paper has a circulation of about 8,000 in a city of 60,000, though it covers the surrounding area as well. I was anticipating a lot of shadowing, but instead on my first day they handed me a desk and told me to have at it. Suddenly, I was a bona fide reporter. I even did some moonlighting as a photographer. I have never made anyone but myself a cup of coffee. My editors give me stories to do and sometimes let me work on my own ideas. Sometimes I learned journalism lessons the hard way, but I have definitely made progress in my note-taking, investigating, and writing skills. Really, the gig has changed the way I look at journalism. I now see it as a form of engagement, of doing more than writing. Plus, I know this is a job I enjoy and could see myself doing in the future. Sometimes I wish I got handed important stories more often and had less downtime, but such is life as an intern.