Monday, June 1

Research Intern, Yale University's Social Cognitive Development Lab

Grant Recipient: Class of 2011
Major: Psychology, French Studies
Organization: Yale University's Social Cognitive Development Lab
Location: New Haven, CT

In these past few weeks, I've been trained to conduct about 4 different experiments trying to tease apart various aspects of children's social and moral development, from ideas about sharing and reciprocity to the formation of racial and social class attitudes. I have been thoroughly enjoying interacting with children of all ages, acquiring a ton of experience with experimental designs, seeing first-hand what graduate school in psychology is like, creating stimuli for experiments, and so much more. I have even helped in coordinating a research talk and lab meeting between the lab here at Yale and the Cognitive Development Lab that I work for at Wesleyan to integrate ideas and share our research interests. Here in this photo, I am running one of the experiments on sharing behaviors that is trying to see how children respond when objects are shared with them or with others and how that affects who they choose to share with.