Monday, June 1

Fellow, The Jewish Forward (Newspaper)

Grant Recipient: Class of 2011
Major: Government (concentration in Comparative Politics)
Organization: Fellow, The Jewish Forward (newspaper)
Location: New York, NY

For the past 10 weeks, I’ve been a fellow at The Jewish Forward, founded in 1897 as a Yiddish daily newspaper. The Forward launched a weekly English newspaper nearly 20 years ago, and I’ve received the amazing opportunity of writing and editing for it this summer. With the guidance and support of my editors (and the editor-in-chief, Jane Eisner, who also happened to be the first female editor-in-chief of The Argus), I’ve written several stories on topics including Conservative Judaism, the Madoff scandal, a fellowship program that’s the first to combine social entrepreneurship with multicultural and interfaith dialogue, and the use of assisted reproductive technologies to halt the hereditary cancer-causing BRCA gene mutation. The fellowship has taught me a great deal about the current state of professional journalism, and the difficulties that print journalism faces in the growing transition to online media.