Monday, June 1

Public Affairs Intern, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

Grant Recipient: Class of 2010
Major: Psychology
Organization: NARAL Pro-Choice
Location: Austin, TX

I’m working for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas as a public-affairs intern. My job requires that I work on grant applications, make calls to state representatives, plan organization events and develop training materials for volunteers. We have met with State Representatives (we even got a tour of the capital building!) to discuss the work they accomplish regarding women’s health issues. Currently, I’m working on a long term project surrounding the work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers; we are trying to stop the state from funding these centers with tax-payer dollars. I have been conducting research, collecting pamphlets and analyzing my findings for a report that will eventually be published statewide. I love my internship and find the work incredibly interesting! It has truly been an eye-opening experience to work in Texas on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. I have learned a great deal about politics and the way that legislation get passed (and doesn’t get passed). Living in Austin has also been great, although very HOT! Overall, working with NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has been a wonderful experience!