Monday, June 1

Talent Intern, Entrourage Talent Associates

Grant Recipient: class of 2010
Major: philosophy
Organization: Entourage Talent Associates
Location: New York, NY

My internship has definitely been a learning experience, but not how I expected. I feel like I have been learning more about workplace hierarchy and the social maneuvering that apparently plays a huge part in the music industry. Though I didn't expect to be able to work in the same capacity at my internship as I am at Wesleyan, it's hard to go from having an active role in making shows happen to doing menial "intern" tasks. Despite my disappointment in what I am allowed to do, it is interesting to see how things work from the inside. My office is small, so I am able to watch and hear the entire process of booking concerts, from contacting venues to pitch the band to working out money matters to getting ticket counts after the concerts. Overall, it's an experience that I think will help me in the future, both in understanding more about the inner workings of the industry and in the contacts that I will make through this job.