Monday, June 1

Intern, Wai’aha Sustainable Farm

Grant Recipient: Class of 2011
Major: Anthropology
Organization: Wai’aha Sustainable Farm
Location: Hawaii

The goal of the farm is to create a living model for sustainable agriculture, meaning that all farm members are eating off the farmland while increasing the production to serve local markets. At Wai’aha, I help plant and raise fruit trees, vegetables, and animals. I do daily shores such as feeding rabbits, pigs, and chickens. The goats, sheep, and chickens are being raised on green grass pasture. I also help with collecting chicken eggs, milking the goats, and slaughtering. During my stay at the farm, it is surprising to me to see the plants and animals grow day after days because of good soil, green grass, sunlight, and water. I get to see how ecosystem within the farm positively interacts with one another. And most importantly, I am also a part of that interaction without actually harming them.