Monday, June 1

Lab Technician, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia Medical Center

Grant Recipient: Class of 2010
Major: Biology, Neuroscience & Behavior
Organization: Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia Medical Center
Location: New York, NY

This summer has given me an extraordinary experience. I spent the summer as a lab technician working at Columbia Medical Center in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. Over the ten week period I learned much about biological research and the research aims for various cancers. My lab’s specific aim was breast cancer. The doctor that I worked with held both a PhD and an MD from Columbia. This allowed me to gain even more experience as I shadowed him during his rounds with various breast cancer patients. Both working in the lab and shadowing an oncologist allowed me to better grasp both areas of work and has better prepared me for any career choices I might make in the future. Working and living in New York City has also given me ample opportunity to explore every corner of the city. From baseball games to Shakespeare in various parks across the city, I have enjoyed every minute of my summer internship. This summer’s experience has truly given me a chance to grow and prepared me for the future.