Monday, June 1

Curitorial Intern, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Grant Recipient: Class of 2010
Major: Art History with an Asian Art Concentration
Organization: Smithsonian American Art Museum- Lunder Conservation Center
Location: Washington DC

This is a picture of me consolidating cracking on the glazing of a statue. This piece is going on display in August 2009 at the Renwick Invitation in Washington DC.

With the funding from the Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant, I was able to peruse an internship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC. My interested in art conservation allowed me to work in the newly renovated Lunder Conservation Center. I have been working on a variety of projects under the supervision of Object, Paintings, and Paper conservators. Some of the memorable pieces have included a earthenware statue (see attached photo), a basket comprised of burrs, an American Impressionist painting, and several drawings and prints. This internship is a great experience because it has exposed me to many different aspects of the profession and the chance to work under some truly talented art conservators. I would encourage anyone interested in the intersection of art and science to look into art conservation.