Monday, June 1

Architecture Intern, Mediating Architecture Process Technology

Grant Recipient: Class of 2011
Major: Art History and English
Organization: Mediating Architecture Process Technology
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm working at MAPT architects in Copenhagen. I am definitely enjoying my time here. I began working on an installation that was the product of some workshops and research grants on developable surfaces. The piece was made out of curved pieces of laser cut stainless steel sheet metal. The piece was installed at various places through out the including the Charlottenborg museum and the Vesterbro skatepark. I have also been working on the 3d model and renderings of a pavillion that's going to be completed in november in time for the climate summit here. The pavaillion will be installed in Nodhavn and will house an exhibition about the sustainable masterplan the city is proposing for that area. It is made out of shipping containers (which are ubiquitous throughout Nordhavn) and recycled interiors. I have also been working on some patterns we will mill into the wooden wall panels. Now I am doing a workshop in which I design an installation using Voronoi algorithms in 3d to create models, and then translate the model into physical space. I have learned so much, not just in terms of skills or design processes, but about how small offices work, the logistics of making interesting work, and the real difference between studying architecture and being an architect. I am so happy to have had this experience, and I sincerely thank the CRC for this grant.