Monday, June 1

Fundraising and Development Intern, MADRE

Grant Recipient: Class of 2010
Major: English, French major
Organization: MADRE
Location: New York, NY

This summer I’m working as a fundraising and development intern at MADRE, an international women’s human rights organization based in New York City. MADRE works with sister organizations around the world to implement community projects in three program areas: economic and environmental justice, peace building, and women’s health/combating violence against women. As the development intern, I spend my time trying to get money from people (and foundations) in order to support our work, which might not sound appealing, but is really interesting. I start by compiling lists of foundations and donors who match well with our programs, then I send out letters to those groups introducing our projects and requesting funding. Of course, I do some traditional intern work (photo-copying, filing, etc.), but my supervisor does an incredible job of letting me be part of the whole process—which is great, because hopefully I’ll be doing this full-time next year!