Monday, October 17

Preservation Intern, Library of Congress

Grant Recipient: Alexandra Lamb’13

Major: English, Anthropology

Organization: Library of Congress, Collections Care Section

This summer I volunteered in the Collections Care Section of the Library of Congress, treating books from the Library’s general collection — essentially, all the non-rare books in the Library that were printed after about 1800. Huge numbers of books go through CCS, so in addition to learning their various techniques for repairing damaged spines, recasing books in their original covers, and creating entirely new cases for books, I also learned ways to increase my efficiency while still being as thorough as possible. While getting used to commuting and working 9-to-5 took a while, I loved working at the Library; they have a large, well-stocked lab, and it’s incredibly satisfying to take a book that’s falling apart and put it back together again.