Monday, October 17

Intern, Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Grant Recipient: Class of 2012

Major: Studio Art

Organization: Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Location: Venice, Italy

So far, I've been in Venice for four weeks, and I love it. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection internship provides a rotation of tasks experience all revolving around visitor-interaction, that,
collectively, are varied enough to prevent any single responsibility from becoming too mundane. Even sitting behind a desk and greeting visitors is an interesting because Venice is a tourist city and, thus, a multilingual city. Never before have I been thusly confronted with the problem of language--it's been a great opportunity to practice my conversational Italian. Furthermore, working with other international interns have been a learning experience itself; I get to talk to others about London, Moscow, Paris, Venezuela, Verona, New Zealand, and different regions of Italy. I find the work involving museum education the most rewarding, especially in regards to the two Kids
Days (which occur every Sunday) that I participated in. Two weeks ago we had a group making Futurist-patterned smocks after viewing work Balla, Severini, and Baccioni. Last week the kids made a collaborative De Stijl painting. I'm also taking full advantage of being in Venice by making trips to other parts of Italy. So far I've been to Mantua and Bologna; I plan to get to Verona and Trieste later this week. Overnight trips to Rome and Florence are in the works. Life abroad in this part of the world is absolutely awesome. The photo attached shows me and other interns in a trip to Palazzo Te in Mantua.