Monday, October 17

Editorial Intern, Little, Brown & Company

Grant Recipient: Grace Ross ‘12

Major: English, American Studies

Organization: Hachette Book Group, Little, Brown & Company

Location: New York, NY

Every day after work I take one of the many books from the high stack of books perched next to my computer. The leaning tower has gradually shrunk and relocated to my bookshelf in Brooklyn, and every evening I count myself honored to be surrounded by such wonderful books. The summer internship program at Hachette Book Group has eased my introduction to the publishing industry. I was overwhelmed by the welcome I received by the company and my supervisors. I have been able to talk to each editor in depth, including the CEO of Hachette! Twice a week, the interns gather in a conference room for a presentation from almost every different department and imprint of the company such as Legal and Contracts, Sales and Marketing, Editorial, Publicity, and Little Brown for Young Readers. I feel as if I am learning about every aspect of the production of a book from a submitted draft to the final hardcover on a bookstore shelf. Reporting to twelve editors and their assistants at Little, Brown & Company, the literary fiction and nonfiction imprint of Hachette Book Group, I spend the majority of my time reading submissions. For every submission, I write a Reader’s Report, which summarizes the plot and presents my opinion on the value of the manuscript. I also mail galleys to agents and authors for reviews, input publication data into databases, format manuscripts for copyediting, and assist with transmittals. In spite of free books as bribery, Little Brown embodies a warm and supportive environment, and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience. I have discovered my passion for working with books and authors.