Thursday, October 13


Grant Recipient: Class of 2012

Major: Art History

Organization: CHANEL USA

Location: New York, NY

I have been working in the Public Relations department at CHANEL this summer working with two publicists in charge of special events, ready to wear, haute couture and accessories. The experience has been thrilling, challenging, exciting and, most important, a learning experience. While most internships at fashion companies include coffee runs or making photocopies, this experience has been the most hand on of anything I have heard of (I make some photocopies but have never run to Starbucks!). I am in charge of making sure editors receive their requests, organizing the showroom, searching credit information for editorial placements, assisting my bosses in the office and the most fruitful has been my covering one of my boss’ desk for the past two weeks.

I have also done research on potential ideas for the creative team of the sunglasses line and my boss put me in charge of the research. We sat down for a meeting and we discussed what trends were missing from the company’s eyeglass wear line. As a young person interested in fashion, my opinion is actually taken into account, which has been rewarding. The most exciting thing I have done is working the private showings which are opportunities for all major editors and press to come view the new fall lines in person. Finally, covering my boss’ desk while she is has been out of the office has been challenging but I am actually learning what my boss does on a day-to-day basis. From answering editors’ requests, scheduling appointments, following up on invoices or sending out press kits, earning my boss’ trust to cover her desk for the past two weeks has been the best experience.